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USA: Recycle My Windshield

The American market is special when it comes to recycling lamianted glass from post consumer source in volumes! This is only happening to very little and fragmented levels. 

Since one third of the automobiles in the world is in the USA this implies an enormous waste of raw material – now going to landfill – but with great potential as new raw materials.

Shark Solutions have made a strategic decision to work with leading American companies for replacing broken windshields - the Auto Glass Replacement Industry, AGR! We have common interest in this venture:

  • AGR´s needs a long term sustainable proven recycling solution for their volumes of broken windshields across USA.
  • Shark Solutions needs a long term reliable supply source of PVB waste for our PVB recycling operation.

This laminated glass recycling operation works under the Shark trade name of RecycleMyWindshield.

RecycleMyWindshield also accepts architectural glass, flat glass, safety glass from the glass business - all to be recycled under controlled system and by leading technology.