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Mobile Glass Separation

This unit will process up to 10 tons of laminated glass per hour. Only one operator needed. One pass – glass free of laminate, rubber, metal and ready to sell to customers after just one pass.

The SGS10 will process all types of flat glass; e.g. isomix, laminated glass, hardened glass. The SGS10 is based on Shark Solutions A/S world patent protected technology, which enables glass to be processed in industrial volumes. Processed glass can be delivered directly, in small size fractions, which allows for high value applications.

The SGS10 is powered by a diesel engine, which can also drive the sieving system if needed. Shark Solutions can also supply this sieving system as a mobile unit. By having two trailers you can process glass wherever and whenever you want… - trucks are only needed when the system has to move to a new location!

The length of the unit to truck hook up is 13 meters. The weight is approximately 22 tons plus trailer. Folding the system up or down, in readiness for operation or transport, takes less than 2 minutes.

Total height when ready to transport is less than 4 meters, and width less than 3.1 meters. These measurements make it possible to transport the unit without any special permits. The height of the unit when fully extended, and ready for operation, is approximately 5.9 meters.