Make your carpet more sustainable with SharkDispersions and SharkPellets.


Shark offers a range of dispersions and pellets optimised for carpet and textile floorcovering applications sold under SharkDispersionF01™, SharkDispersionF02™   ,SharkPelletC2c™  and SharkPowderC2-400 trademarks which can be selected according to the processes and applications of our customers need.

SharkDispersions offer multiple functionality for the finishing of carpet and is used for precoat, secondary backing adhesive, needlefelt impregnation, back coating for woven carpets and anti-slip or sound damping treatment.

SharkDispersions, SharkPellets and SharkPowder for floorcovering application to be used for improving and strengthen tuft lock, durability, dimension stability, resistance of carpets, sound damping, anti-slip and elasticity.

SharkDispersions can be applied to vary types of processing – by lick-roller, by foam-table, by spray, by foulard or by full bath, our experience to adapt our grades to the settings of machinery and applications requirements are well recognized by the markets.

SharkPellets and SharkPowder can be applied by vary types of processing by extrusion trough melting or by dissolving and can be offered as well formulated whit filler and at the desired viscosity.

SharkDispersions and SharkPellets as binder for further processes and are compatible with various type of fillers, flame retardants, surfactants, anti-static agents, etc…

SharkDispersions and SharkPellets fulfil the GUT criteria for environmentally friendly polymer and by using SharkDispersions or SharkPellets we support our customers to produce their finished products in a sustainable way.

Shark Customers are supported by optimum level of technical service from an experienced technical team and application laboratory or will work with you on site.




Is a homogeneous waterborne dispersion made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB.


SharkDispersionF01™ is used as a base binder for carpet backing compounds, pre-coats, secondary backings and artificial grass compounds.

SharkDispersionF02™   is used as a base binder for carpet backing if foam application is required.


Pellets made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB halogen-free elastomer, which does not contain chlorine, corroding agents or any phthalates and TSCA listed components.


SharkPelletC2c™ is used in an extrusion application or dissolved in a mix of alcohols, solvents for carpet backing, textile, non-woven or other types of coatings and for compounding polymer blends and composites.

SharkPelletC2c™ can also be offered at by the customer desired MFI/viscosity or compounded with fillers.


Powder with maximum particle size 400 microns, made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB. 


SharkPowder™ is used in applications for substrate backings, coatings and for compounding polymer blends and composites for various types of industry. The powder is suited for solvent based methods and extrusion.