The Shark Glass Separator

The Shark Glass Separator creates a reliable, high volume glass separation solution for the recycling of laminated and other flat glass.

With a primary focus on windshield recycling, the SGS provides a real answer for the vast amounts of damaged automotive glass generated each year. This industrial sized challenge has been historically side-stepped by sending the damage glass to the landfill. The major problems are that this is not only costly to throw away, but that glass does not decompose and it has been estimated that this waste will just remain there for a million years.

With the continued growth of the global vehicle market, some countries have already taken the initiative to enact rules that prohibit the sending of this material to a landfill. The EU’s ELV directive in one example. Similar legislation in other parts of the world are already in place or are under consideration.

The resulting problem with this growing damaged glass means that a reliable, industrial speed solution is needed to handle this vast quantity of material and save it from an eternity in a landfill. With over 1 billion cars in the world and the project vehicle count expected to double in 20 years, the problem is only getting worse. The need to have a fresh recycling solution has never been more important, and the Shark Glass Separator meets the challenge.


  1. High capacity and industrial strength system allows for approximately 20 tons per hour of laminated glass (windshield and building glass) to be separated (glass cullet from PVB fractions).

2. The high quality glass cullet, with low contamination, is created from 0-10mm in size, which allows for many cullet uses.

3. PVB fractions are separated from the glass.


1.   Easy to implement and set-up.

2.   Scalable solution that fits single shift to multi shift, allowing for better control.

3.   Create synergies with glass manufacturers, glass replacement companies, recycling and end-of-life vehicle businesses, as well  as waste management companies.