History & Future

Shark Solutions was founded early 2005 based on an innovative idea to save laminated glass from having to be sent to the landfill.

After much R&D, the Shark Glass Separation technology became further developed with patents in place and pending over many regions. This technology is a workable solution to keep laminated glass from landfills and transform it into a variety of high quality useable raw materials for new products.

The company markets and sells the Shark Glass Separation System for the recycling of flat glass (safety glass, building glass and windshields). The glass cullet created from the process is used in various industries, while Shark Solutions provides an answer for the reprocessing of the PVB fractions, so the goal of zero waste is close to achievable.

When Shark Solutions processes the PVB fractions (from its own glass recycling production and from select other sources), it is transformed from a former waste stream into advanced raw materials suitable for many industries.

Shark Solutions does not make the end products, but our advanced recycled materials help make the end products more environmentally friendly.

The company has been recognized as a leader in the transformation of post-consumer laminated glass, and has received awards and recognition for its work.

Today, the company works with major industrial companies (with operations both in Europe and USA), and continues to improve its business and expend its capacity and capabilities.

Reducing carbon footprint through the creation of new post-consumer raw materials, lowering GHG emissions from its high quality glass cullet and moving closer to a zero waste solution is all in the plan to be the best company we can be.

Code Of Conduct

The Shark Solutions Group provides high quality raw materials for companies to produce more environmentally friendly products and to help further a more a sustainable future. We continuously

strive for sustainability in supply chain, products and solutions, while combining economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection in our business operations and thereby enable

ourselves and our customers to meet the current and future needs of society. See Code of Conduct.