Shark applications

Shark Solutions manufactures a range of ready-to-use recycled PVB raw materials for the industry, e.g. SharkDispersion™, SharkCoat™, SharkBinder1-1™, SharkPellets™ and SharkPowder™.

Recycled post-consumer PVB cannot be used again for OEM PVB-film for a number of technical reasons, but can with great benefit be used as raw material in numerous industrial applications. We constantly further develop our product and these applications.

Shark Solutions works with leading European glass recyclers for supply of PVB waste for our facilities. In the past PVB waste from these companies went to landfills or for incineration. By partnering with Shark Solutions there is now a complete recycling of all the laminated glass and not only the glass itself. We also give the PVB new life as a raw material and thereby significantly reduce the carbon footprint. An additional advantage for our customers is that we work with a stady source and with no direct link to oil supply and its price!